Loake Shoemakers Sole Laying

There are so many interesting processes and facts about making shoes – check out the film we made with Loake about sole laying.

Marika Ling ‘Bitter Lemons Make Good Lemonade’

Its been great working with Marika Ling again on her new project.

Loake Shoes Welt Sewing

Lovely being in the Loake factory again to share how welt sewing helps to make their shoes more durable.

Virtual reality ‘is not just for Gamers’

Another Warm Day!

Things have been a little warm in the Loake Shoes factory of late…

Loake Shoes When to Get a Repair Done

Sound advice on leather soles from Loake Shoemakers. Never get tired working with such a fantastic product – more to follow.

A nice little shout out from Little Indie Blogs

Its all about the ballet!

Its all about the ballet. Beautiful shots of a fantastic dancer – a real pleasure to film. Function Jigsaw Active Hub.

Leee John ‘Police & Thieves’

Its been great to be working with LEEE JOHN again (from Imagination) on a fantastic project with LJ Music Ltd and the “Do

Loake Shoemakers

More to follow on sole stitching watch this space.

Martin Johnson

Pleasure to be working with a rugby legend thanks to the amazing talent of FJActiveHub

Function Jigsaw Shoot

Nice to work with @FJActiveHub who have been putting us through our paces. Been trying to keep up with some of their more

Weallfallsilent ‘Sometimes’

This is the second video he have had the pleasure of working on for Weallfallsilent (CoreJam Records) Done the old fashioned way using models, back

Loake Shoemaker’s

As we love all things ‘Loake’ and like to spread the love of this great product, we thought this was an interesting fact.

Studio 2 revamp for 2018

New studio for a new year!


Watch this – we think you’ll like it.

Loake Shoes

In the words of Andrew Loake, his shoes are ‘timeless classics’. Pleasure to be working with them and their lovely shoes once more.

Radio Riddler ‘Purple Rain’

One of our films has over 3 million views – good number to shout about we thought! Enjoy.

We love interiors

Indigo Blue Media. We love interiors. We love interiors – we really do. A mere 27 secs long, feast your eyes on our

Working with miniatures

Shooting miniatures today! Will intercut later with live action

Back with the DEA crew

Great to be working with the legendary Indi Singh Soor Dea and the DEA crew again on their next project, out soon.

RTS Awards 2017

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just found out we’ve been nominated for two RTS awards this year! So massive thank you

Premier Drum Co

Further to yesterday’s exciting news, in case you haven’t seen it, a link to the film made for Premier Drum Co. We’re very

Spitfire Homes Ascot

Lovely to revisit the completed houses – such a lot of ‘house’ to film!

Spitfire Homes Ascot shoot.

Spitfire Homes Gerrards Cross

Getting to flex our creative muscles with another lovely and very stylish development in Gerrards Cross.

Spitfire Homes Gerrards Cross shoot.

Uncle Frank ‘Love Lion’ Behind the scenes

We go behind the scenes of Love Lion. The spectacular Uncle Frank single taken from the album ‘Love Lion’. Filmed on location in

Behind the scenes with Uncle Frank.

We go behind the scenes of Love Lion. The spectacular Uncle Frank single taken from the album ‘Love Lion’. Filmed on location in

USA Filming

USA Filming